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With Live Events, On-Demand Trainings, Meditations and Quantum Neural Programming (QNP) you can access...

  • What's been holding you back and what to do about it, so you can¬†thrive in your life like never before.¬†
  • Strategies for moving through your meditation practice like a master.
  • Massive Growth, and Healing.¬†
  • Mystical Experiences and how to navigate them when they inevitably happen.¬†
  • The LIMITLESS you¬†and so much more!

My Quantum Soul Events are hosted by Dr. Claudia Thompson, a Quantum Activator and Master Meditator, sharing the process of healing and awakening. Dr. Claudia has helped thousands of people expand and improve their lives in her programs and millions with her channeled messages online.

"I love attending the monthly live events. I feel like I have a community of people learning and growing with me."

"Dr. Claudia makes the process of awakening, healing and understanding the mechanics of it all so simple!"

"I find the in-depth channeled messages so helpful. They always resonate with what I'm going through." 

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