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Intuitive Coaching allows you to...

  • Illuminate and activate steps on your path
  • Clear blockages
  • Connect with your inner guidance
  • Learn to regulate you nervous system
  • Release stored trauma from the mind and body
  • Heal from past experiences
  • Identify and remove limiting beliefs
  • Develop and troubleshoot your meditation practice 

Dr. Claudia Thompson is a Quantum Activator and Master Meditator, sharing the process of healing and awakening. She has helped thousands of people expand and improve their lives in her programs and millions with her channeled messages online.

"After just 2 sessions of working with Dr. Claudia, I've made massive shifts in my mindset and my daily routine. Her guides are so helpful too! I'm grateful for the new future I'm creating! Thank you."

- Katie S.

"I learned to be more loving towards myself. I had very negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. Dr. Claudia rooted them out and helped me reprogram them. I now know how worthy I am!"

- Nelinda L.

"Working with Dr. Claudia has shown me how to reprogram limiting beliefs and process emotions I was not able to let go of before. Her guidance is something I continually look forward too."

- David P.

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