Everyone has a unique healing and awakening journey. No matter where you are in that journey, support & strategy can help you reach your goals. Create the space for more authenticity and freedom in your life.


I'm Dr. Claudia

My clients would describe me as a highly educated, thoughtful listener, who uses her knowledge, wisdom and intuitive gifts as a conscious leader. But I am so much more than the categories used to describe me. And so are you.

Society’s boxes never seem to fully describe the multi-dimensional beings we are. And it’s time we break free from who we think we should be and start living the life that feels most authentic to us.

I use what I’ve learned and my experience to help people just like you find the happy, confident and beautiful version of you that's been hiding under the surface. I’ll show you how to be abundant, feel more love, experience joy, and shed the limitations you no longer need.


Use Your Mind to Manifest Mindfully

It's time to fill your world with love and abundance.

Feel Good in the Body You're In

Learn to operate your avatar at the highest level.

Connect with Higher Guidance

Your higher self is always available. Are you listening?

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My Story

I’m a conscious leader, quantum activator and multi-dimensional guide helping my clients and community heal through meditation, subconscious neural reprograming, guided energy work and past-life regressions via My Quantum Soul Sessions (MQSS).

I have a PhD in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness and I’m a Registered Dietitian in addition to the quantum work I do.

Confidence, self-love, understanding my worth and manifesting abundance was not something that came easy to me. Limiting beliefs about: my value, my ability to be successful, living healthfully, manifesting abundance and how I saw myself and my body were all things I struggled with.

But I learned how to reach into the depths of myself and I learned how to create the love, health, success and abundance I was searching for.

I woke up to the worthy, infinite being that I am and now I empower others to do the same.

"Dr. Claudia created a safe and welcoming space where I felt accepted as my authentic self. Allowing me to expose the pieces of me that needed to be seen and healed. Thank you!"

- Kate A.

"I received the breakthroughs I had been struggling with on my own. I'm incredibly grateful for the support and healing guidance Dr. Claudia provides. Amazing experience!"

- Irena

"One of the most amazing and life changing experiences I've ever been apart of. I've learned so much about my higher self and my guides. Thank you Dr. Claudia for your intuitive and loving guidance!" 

- Rona J.

Why I Do It

Learning how to heal myself and stepping into my authentic-self was not something I learned early on. I battled with self-limiting beliefs, abusive generational cycles, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. I struggled with healing and my abilities for a long time.

Through my awakening, I learned how to free myself from self-limiting beliefs and utilize my gifts, I realized the process and guidance I used to heal myself could help others, who like me, wanted to elevate and heal but didn't understand the steps and process to get there. Stepping into my purpose allows me to connect as many people as possible with the path of healing, elevating, and soul purpose fulfillment.


Motivation and affirmations delivered directly to you

Stepping into our authentic selves, free from the limiting narratives of the past, is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy weekly guidance to keep you motivated.

You're safe with me. I'll never spam you or sell your contact info.